Nichrome (80/20, Kanthal) Wire

Feature : High tensile strength | Shock proof | Durability |

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To obtain the resistance at operating temperature, multiply the resistance at 20°C by the coefficient CT

Physical and Mechanical Properties

Nominal Composition Max. Continuous Operating Temp. Melting Point
Chromium(Cr)-20% Centigrade(oC)-1200 Centigrade(oC)-1400
Nickel(Ni)-80% Fahrenheit(oF)-2190 Fahrenheit(oF)-2550
Tensile Strength Yield Point Tensile strength at 900oC
N/mm2-810 N/mm2-420 N/mm2-100
Bar-8234 Bar-4267 Bar-1016
Electrical Resistivity at 20oC    
Mm2/m-1.09 g/cm3-8.30 Non Magnetic